Catering Made Easy

With CaterTouch you will not only simplify order taking and fulfillment. The whole system is designed to help you make more sales and more money.

What is CaterTouch?

CaterTouch has been developed in collaboration with restaurant owners and catering managers to create a solution that is focused on making catering easy.

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More than just a tool. We actually help you make more sales.

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Catering Made Easy

Capture Sales

Intuitive opportunity management lets you know who to contact, and when, to close more deals.

Reduce Loss

Order tracking and task assignment reduces waste from orders that are wrongly filled.

More Time To Sell

CaterTouch is designed to save you hours of paperwork, giving you more time to close new deals.

What People Say

“I spent over 200 hours on the system we’re currently using, and still probably only use 10% of it. As we expand I’m not sure how I would effectively train others without having them spend just as much time. Your system makes it so uncomplicated and intuitive that I think I’d only need 30 minutes to learn it, and definitely not more than 2 hours.”

Corporate Catering Manager

“I know I am missing at least 4-6 opportunities a month. I like how your system brings those opportunities to my attention so I can stop missing them and increase my catering sales.”

Restaurant Owner

“This will take what I currently spend 10 hours a week on, and reduce it to 30 minutes or less.”

Franchise Owner

“I just lost a lot of money on a big order that was not filled correctly. This would not have happened if I had your system.”

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Sell More and Simplify Your Back-of-House Management

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Easy To Implement

It’s quick to get started, and the platform is designed with ease of use in mind. Why spend hours on training when the system should be intuitive from the start? Even so, user tips are provided, and we have a team ready to support any training

Built For Scale

Wether you have a large organization and need to manage multiple brands and locations, or you simply have a large team, CaterTouch comes loaded with the ability to manage your catering sales from a birds-eye view, down to the individual team member.

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